Our shelter and office

Our shelter and office

This beautiful old house was purchased in 1984. It provides a warm, home-like atmosphere for up to 34 guests in need of food and shelter. Family units and handicap facilities are available. Bilingual staff members serve around the clock to listen to and to aid families to become self-sufficient.

Open Gate Ministries is the ONLY family shelter in northern Tulare County. There are other shelters, of course. Most of them will take women, and some will take women with children. Some of them will take men. None of them, except for Open Gate, will accept whole families which include a husband or a family that consists of only a man with children. In keeping with our Christian principles, our requirement is that men and women must be married in order to stay together at our Shelter, so, within that restriction, Open Gate’s goal is to keep all families together so that they can heal and prosper together, with the Lord’s help. playground structure 01

Recently, we were able to replace our outdated/unsafe playground equipment due to $2000 of donations from the Dinuba Firefighters Association, Dinuba Police Officers Association, Rabobank, Dinuba Rotary Club, Dinuba Lions Club, and some altruistic private individuals. Recently, Josh Culley of State Farm Insurance informed us of a local church that had a unit for sale. That playground set was obtained and was installed at the Shelter by Felland Construction. Thanks so much for everyone involved with this project!

We give thanks as three local churches adopted and remodeled rooms at our shelter in Fall 2012. The Orosi Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Heritage Church, and the Dinuba Presbyterian Church adopted Family Units 1, 2, and 3 respectively. The rooms are now filled with families. Each person now has somewhere warm to stay, a new clean comfortable bed to sleep in, and three hot meals a day, thanks to the generosity and labor of our supporters.

On a regular basis we need the following food donations and personal supplies for our shelter residents: Bathroom paper, canned meats, coffee, cooking oil, creamer, deodorant, hair brushes, juices, children’s snacks, facial tissue, lotion, pajamas (all sizes), paper towels, shampoo, sugar, toothpaste and toothbrushes