We serve our communities with regular food distribution. We are also now receiving weekly deliveries of food from Wal-Mart through it’s Community Giving program Thanks for the support!

Each year we distribute special Christmas Food Baskets. Our food sources usually provide half the usual amount of food for the many families who are coming our way to receive a Christmas Food Basket. We appreciate your continued help each year.  How many families would you like to help have a warm, filling meal this season? $50 will help 10 families, $100 will help 20 families. If you’d like to make a $500 donation, it will help 100 families. Please call the shelter at 591-1241 if you’d like to help. 

Our food distribution program is growing! We receive USDA food every month. We also anticipate the number of clients coming to our food distribution program to increase significantly, perhaps even doubling. This change necessitates some revisions in our procedures and we will be refining our operation as we proceed. USDA food, while nourishing and helpful, does not supply all of the needs of the individuals it serves. We still need your donations of food, perhaps even more than before, especially rice and beans!!! And we will need more volunteers! We are now servicing more families, and with that is an opportunity to show them, in food bags and in person, the love of Christ living in us.

Thanks to the volunteers and donors who make it possible for us to feed over 600 people at our December events. However, hunger and homelessness happen throughout the year. On average, we provide food to between 600 and 800 families each month.

We distribute food on Mondays in Dinuba at our shelter from 10 AM to 3 PM; we also distribute in  Orosi (3rd Tuesdays) and Cutler (4th Tuesdays) once a month, both from 9 – 11 AM. About 180,000 pounds of food is distributed annually. To receive food, proof of residency is only required on the first visit, no proof of income is required (it is self-certified).