Gloria GaonaFrom the Desk Gloria Gaona, November 2016


“Thus far, the Lord has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12

By means of this newsletter article, it truly is a joy to come to you once again to greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have seen the hand of the Lord work mightily in all that has gone on at Open Gate Ministries. The work of the Lord continues in all areas of this ministry.

The Shelter: For a period there, the shelter was pretty much full with lots of children running around. I will say that it is a joy to be able to see children with their parents with a safe and secure place to stay. For many, Open Gate is a safe haven from the everyday struggles of life, for a short while they are able to lay their heads down without the fear of not knowing where their family will sleep, eat, or have clothing to dress with. The Ministry, with the help of YOU, continues to keep its doors open to this SAFE haven.

Currently we have a family who came to us with a need for shelter. The man of the house quickly found work and, when laid off from that work, found another job. Their gratitude for staying at Open Gate was so evident that, when the invitation to attend church and Bible studies was presented, they were only too glad to attend. They are now faithfully attending church and have a good savings. We pray that they find housing and continue in the ways of the Lord. Our thanks to YOU ALL, for believing in what Open Gate does for those who come seeking refuge and in turn find the Lord. Praise the Lord.

Volunteers: Although we can never have enough volunteers, God is good! In the food distribution program, we have seen an increase in our volunteer base. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. We are very short of help at our Thrift Shop, so if any of you feel a call to help this ministry, our store would be so thankful to have the help, most especially during the holiday season.

Holidays: As the holidays quickly approach us, we are mindful of the many needs that come our way. There are always more needs than what we can provide, but with the help of the Lord, He always makes the way to help so that we don’t turn away those in need. If you’d like to provide an unwrapped gift for a child, please do so by dropping it off at the shelter, anytime from now through Christmas. We will make sure that a needy child receives it. Of course, we will be needing volunteer helpers during our Christmas Food Giveaways (dates to be announced.)

Best wishes for a safe and glorious holiday season,